Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nasher Sculpture Center

I took my family to the Nasher Sculpture Center Sunday. Quite a wide variety of work. Great museum with indoor exhibit hall and several acres of outdoor displays.

Here, a line of sculptures by Roberto Giacometti.
The Nasher website is pretty impressive too. Check it out:

You can pick a sculptor, view the works in the museum collection, and zoom in to view individual works.
It's a fun museum to visit. There's something different everywhere you turn. The museum has a wide variety of artists' works from August Rodin to Roy Lichtenstein. Visiting a modern art museum is an interesting experience because you never know what to expect. There was an outdoor picnic area and staff were cleaning up after a luncheon and I kept wondering if a side table covered with salt shakers was an exhibit or not. You never know.

I like sculpture you can interact with. At this museum you have a lot of "do not touch" signs, but there are so many master works you can hardly blame them. The outdoor area is also hands off, but you are encourage to walk on the grass to get close to the art. Jonathan Borofsky's Walking to the Sky is enormously impressive. I first saw if from this angle. I couldn't figure out what the people were pointing at, looking at...

And here's a look upwards from the other side:

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